Our Team

Suzanne Overton-Edwards

I decided to become actively involved with the African Heritage Alliance to support the process of change for the benefit of current and future generations of African Heritage communities. Such changes will, actually, improve the quality of life for everyone.

George Cole

I am involved in AHA because I recognise that individually we have to be part of the change we desire and I owe it to the children and grandchildren who are here now and those to come after I am gone.

John Karanja

For the sake of our generations; it is the small things that we do today collectively or individually that create a platform for others in the future. To become a member of the AHA is one of mine.

Reg Francis

I am passionate about our people being given the opportunity to demonstrate that they are as capable as anyone, of delivering improved life outcomes. Being involved with AHA, hopefully, will provide a platform for creating a changed environment for our community to succeed and in particular the young and the upcoming generations.

Amanda Toussaint

Change doesn’t and won ’t come if I wait for someone else to do it! After the Black Lives Matter protests I was determined that I will see significant changes in my lifetime and I wanted to play my part.

Walter Onyeka

I' m interested putting in my skills to see that African heritage communities attain their aspirations for promising future. Serving AHA, is a great opportunity to be involved in organising activities that has positive impacts to our community

Uzo M Iwobi

Racism dehumanises not only the recipient but also the perpetrator. As African heritage people, we will define our collective goals, own our destiny and work with those who share our values and goals to recognise, re-evaluate the righting of wrongs of yester centuries and today ' s, through constructive engagement.